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Thread: Age that puppies can leave their mother?

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    Age that puppies can leave their mother?

    How old does a puppy have to be to leave it's mother?

    Would you consider 7 weeks too young? Why or why not?

    I have till tommorrow for an answer so please, please, i only want to do what's best for my pups.
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    SOme can go at 7 weeks but I prefer between 8-12 weeks.
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    they should be with their mom until they are 8 weeks, and for small breeds it should be 12 weeks.
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    7 weeks is ok but at least 8 weeks is best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BassetWonders
    they should be with their mom until they are 8 weeks, and for small breeds it should be 12 weeks.
    Why would a small breed need to stay longer than the large breed?
    If anything it should be the other way cos large breed mature,physically and mentally, slower.
    I was always told around 8 weeks.
    Now,more and more,breeders in France are letting them go around 12 weeks cos they've realized that puppies are better socialized.

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    IMO 8 weeks is the earliest. The puppies learn vital lessons from both mom and siblings through their interactions.

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    I agree

    I agree with 8 weeks. seven is probably ok but most likely not.

    I have seen however people in front of stores with puppies and kittens being given away at 6 weeks. I totally think that is VERY wrong and not good at all for the puppies and kittens.

    I would say 8 weeks is or older is best because they need to learn lessons from their moms and siblings before they are sent to their new homes.
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    7 weeks i tooooo least 8 weeks

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    Pep I called 3 vets for you today.
    All 3 said sometimes it is ok, although 8-10wks for a medium size dog (that's how described Pepper) is better.
    Are they fully weaned? That's the biggest worry.
    You may want to warn the new owners that taking a pup before 8wks usually will lead to more work on their part. They won't adjust as well to being apart from their mom & littermates. They will need more work with socialization too.
    I know the situation you are in and I feel for you. You are a great kiddo!
    I think your future is going to be truly amazing. You have a good head and a BIG heart! Good Luck! I hope all the pups get great forever homes.
    Are you keeping one?

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    8 - 12 weeks is the preferred time range. The longer they stay with mom...the better. I usually do not place my puppies until they are 5 months old.

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