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    Pregnant Dog

    This is an information link only, in the process of construction.
    Please do not post replies here...Thanks Ellierat
    It can be difficult to know if your dog is actually pregnant, unfortunately no one can guarantee that, not even me. But there are a few tell tale signs you can look for but these are still NO guarantee, use as a guide only.

    PICTURE 1....This dogs vulva is normal, she is not pregnant.

    PICTURE 2....Another sign of pregnancy in most cases is the swollen vulva, look at the first pic. then compare it the next one. The vulva will stay in a swollen state from the heat cycle.

    PICTURES 3/4/5...There is no mistaking these dogs are pregnant, the teats of a pregnant dog and swollen bellies.

    Pregnant dogs normally have a discharge, looks like white/cloudy string, that drips intermittently from the vulva. This is normal.
    Coming up to the last couple of days it can change slightly in color, normally to a slight green, but it is still stringy, intermittent and not of a great quantity.

    If your dog has any unusual discharge, persistant discharge, bloody, smelly or yellow, it's time to contact the vet.

    That is the pysical at home things you can look for. Apart from that, you can go to your vets, get them to perform a number of options...Blood Test at 2 weeks or over, xray at 7 weeks or over, ultrasound, or manual palpabatation on the stomach.


    This section is not to give you the ins and outs of this disease and I call it a disease cause it is a darn nuicence and a plague to your dog, but more to help you assertain if she is actually going through one, or really pregnant.
    If you want more details about the consequences/symptoms then there are a lot of links in the Health Sticky in this Forum.

    Every dog is different and can exhibit or go through other signs as well, but
    from experience I have found that mine did not suffer till they had actually had one litter, the next heat cycle it began then continues on.
    From research and practical experience I have learned that if a dog suffers once they will more than likely suffer again.
    Don't ever confuse it with the more serious complication of Pyometra, which can also occur after a heat cycle, normally around 6 weeks later, this is serious and needs immediate attention.

    Once you have had your dog go through a Phantom you will be used to her symptoms and relax a little. The first time it can be a bit daunting even scary. Not just for you but your dog too. If it is a first time for you and you feel uncertain of what is happening seek a VET.

    Phantoms for your dog are real, they go through the heat cycle like normal, but for some reason their body gets a mixed signal and the hormones produced for pregnancy are accidently produced by her brain, even though a mating may have not taken place. So in effect her body is telling her she is pregnant, it isn't a mental condition of your dog, that you can snap her out of. To her it is the real thing.

    SYMPTOMS: Some show a lot some show little. Some start straight after the heat cycle, some do nothing till the pups would normally be due, as I said all dogs are different.
    The first obvious sign in most is the swelling of the teats, then just like normal, 1-2 weeks before they are due to Whelp the teats can fill with milk.
    One of my dogs just dug whopping big holes, got grizzly right from after the heat cycle, teats down, heaps of milk, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles this dog was in pup. The due date came...nothing, no panting, teats dried up themselves and on we went till the next one, she had a total of 12 before I finally had enough and got her spayed.
    My other dog is different, she shows nothing after the heat, she waits till about 2 weeks before the due date, then her teats come down, milk comes in, she digs whopping big holes, whines for about a week, licks her rear/vulva constantly, then pants. She just sits, whines and pants...then it goes away.
    One other thing I noticed, their vulva did not stay enlarged or get any bigger at the normal Whelping time.

    PICTURES 6/7...These are of her right now, as she is having a Phantom, the first is of her teats, the second is her panting, just like in the picture above it where she is due to go into labour.
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