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Dog Skin Problems (5 of 5) - FRESH-COAT CONDITIONING SPRAY

Fresh-Coat Conditioning Spray
Bulk deodorizer and conditioner.
Soothes irritated skin.

Kennel Management's wholesale dog grooming supplies were formulated with the professional in mind. Each product is packaged for professional bulk use, is economically priced and is formulated with quality ingredients.

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1 Gal.



Refresh your dog's skin and coat with Kennel Management Fresh-Coat Conditioning Spray. It helps reduce doggie odor and is perfect for indoor dogs and when shampooing is less frequent. Our unique blend of herbal botanicals and vitamins leaves the coat feeling soft and healthy looking while soothing and freshening the skin. Fresh-Coat Conditioning Spray also helps provide natural relief from insect related dog skin problems. Gentle enough for daily use, sensitive dogs and for puppies, too.

Hold sprayer 7-10 inches from the coat and lightly mist, covering the whole body including the belly area. Brush through to distribute evenly. Use as needed to freshen coat and skin. Brush through to distribute. May be used on damp hair after shampooing. Keep out of eyes.


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