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About Us

Our Mission:
Pro Dog Grooming Supplies believes in offering the very best brands to our consumers at the lowest possible prices. We believe in carrying natural and botanical products that give your dog the best care possible without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. We are committed to giving your dog the finest grooming products while supporting a safe and clean environment. Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction of every product we sell, while giving back to the community, dogs and environment by doing what we do best - providing you with the highest quality dog grooming supplies on the market.

About Us:
Founded over 10 years ago, Professional Dog Grooming Supplies has established ourselves as the premiere dog grooming products supplier. All our dog grooming product brands have been chosen for their natural approach to dog care and are synonymous with quality and performance. Professional Dog Grooming Supplies sells only the high-quality products that we stand behind.

Professional Dog Grooming Supplies operates a well established facility on California’s Central Coast. With great enthusiasm, we continue to support new products that fit our philosophy on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance of your dog while offering you the best products and pricing around.


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