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Dog Care Tips (8 of 10) - Newborn Puppy Tips


   newborn puppies
   Newborn Puppy Tips
  • Don't take a newborn puppy away from the mother as soon as it's whelped. Let the bitch lick the puppy, to distract her from the pain of the next pup being delivered.
  • A pregnant and nursing bitch will need to relieve herself much more often than usual. Be prepared to let your bitch outside frequently. As a precaution, locate the whelping box in a room without carpet for easier clean-up.
  • When the time approaches to let your puppies go to their new homes, start putting a few puppies together in a crate at night. The transition to their new home will be easier if they are already used to being separated from their dam when they sleep.
  • Handle your puppies at least once a day. Massage their feet to get them used to nail clipping. Roll them on their backs to teach them to trust people.
  • Monitor your pups carefully to make sure that each one is latching on and nursing vigorously within 24 hours after birth.