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Dog Grooming Tips (1 of 10) - How often should you groom your dog?



How often should you groom your dog?
Here are some guidelines.

Curly Coat Dogs have non-shedding, extremely waterproof coats. They need to be bathed and clipped every two months. (Kerry Blue Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Poodles and Irish Water Spaniels.)
Short Coat Dogs have dense coats of profuse, downy, water resistant hair close to the skin, combined with thick, straight surface hair. This type of coat needs to be brushed with Canine shine at least twice a week. (Welsh Corgis and German Shepherds.)

Smooth Coat Dogs are the easiest to maintain, but shed and require weekly brushing and occasional washing. (Labs, Dobermans, Dachshunds). D-Limonene Shampoo helps relieve flea-bite dermatitis and other insect related skin problems. It's also excellent for oily coat breeds as well.

Wiry Coat Dogs have stiff, dense hair, which needs daily grooming to prevent matting. Conditioner on this type of coat will soften it and are not recommended. Ruff coat Shampoo is specially formulated for this kind of coat. Long Coat Dogs have a long, straight, coarse outer coat and a thick undercoat, which requires daily brushing and regular trimming. Canine Shine is an instant groomer and detangler for long coat dogs. It leaves the coat healthy and shiny. Silky Coat Dogs need a lot of care with daily grooming with Canine Shine and regular trimming. (Afghan hounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs.) Conditioner Detangler release matting and tangles.