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Dog Hot Spots / Skin Problems (3 of 5) - D-LIMONENE SPRAY

D-Limonene Spray
Helps instantly soothe itching and dog hot spots

Helps dog skin irritation and hot spots. Helps soothe insect related skin problems and flea-bite dermatitis. Continues the beneficial aspects of D-Limonene Shampoo.

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12 oz.


1 Gal.



D-LIMONENE SPRAY for dog hot spots & skin problems
Helps soothe insect related skin problems. Natural Citrus Oil helps skin irritation and dog hot spots. Continues the beneficial aspects of D-Limonene Shampoo.

For flea-bite dermatitis, Rio Vista D-Limonene Spray instantly helps reduce itching and hot spots.

About this dog hot spot treatment: Contains D-Limonene, Aloe Vera, Penny Royal and Eucalyptus Oils. Available in 12 ounce and gallon sizes.


What people are saying about this spray for dog skin problems and hot spots

Dear Rio Vista:

    The enclosed picture is of my Belgian Sheepdog "Ch. Larceny V. Siegestor." He is currently the number one Belgian Sheepdog for 1999. This is all attributed to using your Rio Vista dog grooming products.
    We also finished a 1-1/2 year old bitch in January and last month our puppies took Best of Breed over two adult dogs in their first show. All thanks to your dog grooming supplies!

-Norm Benfer, Professional Dog Handler