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Dog Toys & Gifts for Dog Lovers (2 of 5) - DOG KONG TOY

Dog Kong Toy
The most indestructible fun toy your dog will own!

The hollow center can be stuffed with food or treats to keep your dog busy and entertained. This resilient durable toy can be used for treats as well as bouncing fun. Made of Red Ultra-Flex, puncture resistant, nontoxic natural Rubber.

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Medium 3.5 in.


Large 4.25 in.



JAWROBICS - Fitness and fun for dogs!
The Chase Is On... When a Kong Toy hits the ground, dogs instinctively "GO FOR IT!"
The Jawrobics Work Out... The chase promotes a healthy, stimulating "nose-to-tail" workout of every muscle and reflex.
After the Catch... The all-rewarding chew begins; and goes on and on and on. Kong's strong, thick, flexible walls keep springing back for more. It satisfies a dogs natural need to chew and also cleans teeth and conditions gums.
Self Entertainer... Every time your dog drops a Kong Toy - it's a new game!
"World's Best Dog Toys" Kong Toys provide unmatched performance and benefits. They are used and recommended by veterinarians, dog experts and satisfied customers worldwide.
Puncture Resistant Super Bouncy Natural Rubber... Kong's exclusive Ultra-Flex formulas are chewer friendly. They are unmatched for resilience, durability and bounce. Ultra-Flex rubber is nontoxic, nonabrasive, nonsplintering and does not get sharp when chewed.


What people are saying about this great dog toy

    I am writing to express my utter delight with your Kong training and reward toy. It has been the answer to a dream. For years I have looked for a toy for my parent's dog, Hans, that he did not destroy within a few minutes. I have purchased all kinds of toys as well as very expensive ones. He has enjoyed your toy beyond words and best of all it seems to be totally indestructible! A true marvel for both me and my parent's dog.
-S.N., Farmington, Conneticut

    Where have you been all my dogs life? Actually, I have only had him for about a year (Rhodesian Ridgeback). I wish I knew about your products when he went through his teething phase. I had purchased numerous toys via mail order and dumped them all out on the floor. He tried each one for a brief moment and settled with the Kong. He hasn't touched the others again. Thanks for a great product. A happy dog makes a happy owner, makes a happy home.
-S.R., Somerville, Massachusetts

    My name is Sparky. This year for Christmas my parents bought me a Kong toy. I really love it. I play with it all the time. I like how it bounces when I drop it, that only makes me chase it more!
-Sparky, Union, New Jersey