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Dog Shampoo (1 of 9) - Canine Bright

Canine Bright Dog Shampoo
Brightens black or white coats & enhances colors

Brightens white coats and produces brilliant results on dark coat colors, eliminates yellow discoloration and stains.

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  12 oz.   $6.25      
  1 Gal.   $30.00      


Brightens white coats and produces brilliant results on dark coat colors. Refreshes faded and dull appearance, leaving a lustrous sheen. Eliminates yellow discoloration and stains.

About this dog shampoo: Contains a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Chamomile and China Bark Extract. pH balanced, rinses out easily. Available in 12 ounce and gallon sizes


What people are saying about this Dog Shampoo

Dear Rio Vista:
     Last year at the Pet Fair in Pomona, we were exhibiting with our obedience club. We came by your booth to both show you our dog and tell you how wonderfully your Rio Vista Canine Bright dog shampoo worked with her coat. We probably sent 20-30 people to your booth during the Pet Fair when they asked how we kept her coat so lush, soft and bright. Our Australian Shepherd, Maya, was blessed with a thick coat with rich coloration. As you can see in the the photo, your dog shampoo works beautifully with her coat, brightening the white areas, keeping the copper areas rich and clear, without fading out the black portions of her coat. The shampoo is truly a great product and we constantly refer people to your dog grooming supplies.
     We are truly sold on your product and we continually refer people to your product, especially in the context of training new pet owners basic obedience. They take one look at her coat and want to know what our "secret" is. We tell them, "Good genes, good diet, lots of exercise, and a well-made shampoo, Rio Vista."
-Keith & Gail Larman, Glendale, California

Dear Rio Vista:
    The enclosed picture is of my Belgian Sheepdog "Ch. Larceny V. Siegestor." He is currently the number one Belgian Sheepdog for 1999. This is all attributed to using your Rio Vista dog grooming products.
    We also finished a 1-1/2 year old bitch in January and last month our puppies took Best of Breed over two adult dogs in their first show. All thanks to your dog grooming supplies!
-Norm Benfer, Professional Dog Handler

Dear Rio Vista,
    I take Takeda, my Samoyed, to the dog groomers twice a month and I always give them Canine Bright dog shampoo to use on him. He comes out looking fluffy, white and lovable. Now the groomer is using Canine Bright on all the white dogs he grooms.
-Susan Jensen, Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Rio Vista
My name is Lori Spiker. I was showing my Australian Shepherd at the Orange Empire show in 1999 where I finished my UD. We received a prize of Rio Vista's Canine Bright for first place in Utility A. From then on I have only used the Canine Bright. This dog shampoo is the only one that has made her whites - white, her black and tan shine and made her fur soft.
I'm not the only one who has noticed the shine and softness of her fur. I had a number of people ask me what food she was on. I do agree that the food has a lot to do with how the coat looks and shines, but I also know that the shampoo gives it that extra care it needs to really shine!
Now one year later Sassy and I achieved the Utility Dog Excellent title at the Orange Empire show. Thank you Rio Vista Products for your wonderful shampoo.
Lori Spiker