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Dog Show Supplies (2 of 2) - BRUSH & SHINE GROOMING SPRAY

Brush & Shine Grooming Spray
Daily groomer. Instantly releases knots, tangles and debris.

Kennel Management's wholesale dog grooming supplies were formulated with the professional in mind. Each product is packaged for professional bulk use, is economically priced and is formulated with quality ingredients.

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  1 Gal.   $22.50      


BRUSH & SHINE GROOMING SPRAY - dog show supplies
With Kennel Management Brush & Shine Grooming spray, luxurious coats are just a mist away. Tangles, matts, and burrs are instantly released with this extraordinary grooming spray. It's conditioning ingredients add a natural shine and help prevent shedding. This versatile coat polish is recommended for all breeds. Our non-greasy and silicone-free formula can be used on wet or dry coats. Say good-bye to tangles with Brush & Shine Grooming Spray.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hold sprayer 7-10 inches from the coat and lightly mist, covering the whole body or feathers. Brush through to distribute evenly. Mist knotted, matted areas until saturated and work out tangles with fingers. Brush through. May be used on damp hair after shampooing. Brush & Shine Grooming spray helps repel dirt and keeps your dog clean and tangle-free with regular use. Keep out of eyes.

Detangler: Time is money, so keeping dogs looking their best means using a daily groomer that works. Not only does Brush & Shine Grooming Spray release knots and tangles instantly, but it also keeps the coat tangle free between shampoos. It’s non-sticky formula does not build up or attract dust and can be used daily. Simply spray on the coat and comb or brush through. For tight knots and tangles, moisten area with spray and work tangles with fingers until released. Brush & Shine can be used on wet or dry coat and hair.

Show Dog Shine:
To add the finishing touch before any event, simply mist Brush & Shine on coat and use a clean brush to add a brilliant luster. Mist all over the coat, then brush through to add a silky finish. You’ll love our non-sticky formula.

Now clipping can be a breeze with Brush & Shine. Simply spray the area to be clipped and zip off that hair. The blades slide over the coat without gumming up. The skin is protected, no more bumps and rashes. Once you try it, you’ll never clip without using Brush & Shine first.

Feathers & Long Hair Breeds:
To keep burrs, weeds, stickers, and dirt from becoming a grooming nightmare, simply spray Brush & Shine on these areas and comb through. Our unique formula allows you to easily brush out any twigs, burrs or stickers. Excellent for hunting breeds as regular use keeps burrs and stickers from becoming a problem. To remove dried mud, simply spray area and comb out. Keep feathers and long hair coats, clean and tangle free.