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Dog Treats (2 of 2) - Liver Treats

Dog Treats - Chew Hooves      Dog Grooming Equipment and Tools
100% Pure Beef Liver Treats
The perfect "pocket" dog treats

These liver treats maintain the aroma, full flavor and nutritional value of 100% pure beef liver. Conveniently cubed bite sized dog treats are excellent obedience tools. Great for Protein.

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21 oz.



These freeze dried treats for dogs maintain the aroma, full flavor, and nutritional value of 100% pure Beef Liver. They are all natural treats and make healthy rewards during training sessions or when your dog is being extra good. Conveniently cubed into reward sized treats, so small pieces can be sprinkled over food for extra flavor and nutrition.

Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats were developed several years ago to be used as a training tool for training pure bred dogs for show, and as an obedience tool for dogs in the ring. Freeze dried liver was the first product developed, primarily to replace raw liver which was commonly used by breeders and trainers. Freeze Dried liver treats are better than raw products because they are less messy, require no cooking or broiling preparation, and they have a longer shelf life.

Over the years the use of freeze dried treats expanded from professional dog trainers and breeders to pet owners that wanted a more natural and healthy treat for their pet. Pro-Treat Freeze Dried treats go through extensive quality control checks to make sure that you get the highest quality and the freshest product in the market. No other company puts their products through such extensive tests.

Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Treats are:
· High in protein
· Full of flavor and nutritional value
· Made with 100% pure beef liver.
· The perfect "pocket treat". . .easy and convenient to use both at home or away.
· Available in resealable cans that promote better use of valuable shelf space.