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Dog Treats (1 of 2) - STUFFED CHEW HOOVES

dog treats - stuffed chew hooves

Dog Liver Treats      Dog Grooming Equipment & Tools
Stuffed Chew Hooves
All natural dog treat - no chemical additives.

Yummy! Stuffed chew hooves for your dog that are all natural with no chemical additives. Filled with real ingredients, these chews are packed with flavor!

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1 piece



These great big stuffed chew hooves are the dog treats to end all dog treats. Chew hooves last a long time and many dogs love them not just for the food within, but the challenge of getting it all out. Completely biodegradable, your dog simply can't resist this treat!



What people are saying about these great dog treats

    My dog just discovered one of the best dog treats available! I purchased Larz one of your stuffed chew hooves and he absolutely loves it! It lasts an incredibly long time and it's great to know they are all natural. The only problem is that he no longer wants any of the other dog treats we've bought him!
-Jill Bailey., Paramus, New Jersey

    OK -- whoever created the stuffed chew hoof is a genius! Not only are they our dog's favorite treat, but I think he is literally in love with them. As far as dog treats go, this one is simply the best. It's a dog toy and treat all in one.
-Tim Rutherford., Phoenix, Arizona