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Dog Grooming Equipment & Tools (6 of 11) - Dog Wash System

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Rio Vista Products / WorldChem
Dog Wash System

Simple, Professional, Exact!

You can't find a simpler, easier to use dog wash system than the WorldChem. Activate the water flow, select a function (foam, rinse, or sanitize), and you're in business. It's that easy!

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Dog Wash System
Some of the unique features you'll find in the WorldChem include:

  • "Total System Design" concept delivers superior performance at lowest cost.
  • Patented selector valve eliminates need for multiple ball valves, lowers costs, and simplifies operation.
  • Specially designed eductors require less water to operate, delivering better performance against the back pressure of long discharge hoses and spray guns.
  • 4.5 GPM (181pm) rinse function provides full flow rinse for quick, effective rinsing.
  • Molded components are resistant to chemical attack and hard water deposits.
  • Integrated hose rackeliminates need for separate, costly hose hangar.
  • Easily understandable icons replace words to allow proper use by all workers, regardless of language.
  • System delivers effective performance with water up to 160 (70TC).
  • Optional multi-function gun provides multiple foaming and spraying patterns, lowering cost while increasing flexibility.

In addition to simplifying the cleaning process, the WorldChem system increases its effectiveness, too. By diluting each chemical properly, the WorldChem allows the chemical to perform at its maximum effectiveness. Additional labor needed to compensate for improperly diluted chemicals is eliminated as well, reducing costs. The WorldChem is truly an invaluable tool in any HACCP program.

Reliable performance in a wide variety of applications
Equipment failure can cause huge problems in critical cleaning operations, and a service call can easily double or triple the cost of the equipment. The WorldChem system is designed for long service life even in demanding applications.