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Author Topic: how to potty train a puppy
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posted June 25, 2004 01:49 PM      Profile for oreo         
Hi all,

I am trying to potty train my puppy. How can i do it? How to show her that she is not allowed to pee on the carpet?
what i have been doing is that when she pee on the carpet, i take her and asked her to smell it and said no and leave her a few second (just to let her know that i am angry) and then pet her again.
is that the right thing to do? [Confused]

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posted June 25, 2004 02:10 PM      Profile for lou3         
Your puppy is just six weeks old right? At this age it is far from ideal that she is even weaned. Vet recommended weaning age is eight to ten weeks. Your pup does not have full control of its bladder just yet so dont expect an awful lot at this stage.
when the pup is old enough to have control of her bladder it is important not to rub her nose in the pee. This will have no effect whatsoever except to stress her out, she is not a child and does not understand the concept of "naughtiness" so any punishment must be restricted to a firm NO and a little shake by the scruff (like her mother would do) ONLY if she is caught in the act. She must then be put outside. Whe she goes to the toilet outside she should be praised a lot and then allowed back in/taken for a walk/played with.

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posted June 25, 2004 04:20 PM      Profile for sweetpea         
I agree, don't rub your dogs face in teh pee, they don't have any idea what you are doing. When our dog was about 12 weeks old we started teaching him the word "potty". Of course he was very little, but we would take him out every hour to potty. we would say the word over and over while he was outside. After a few days we hung a bell, on string, to the patio door. Every hour when we took him out to "potty" we would pick him up and touch his paws to the bells and say "potty, potty, potty". This reinforced the word and helped him associate it with going outside to do his business. Of course tons of praise and a treat if he did it.Our puppy is now 1 1/2 years old and still rings his bell to go outside and pott. It is actually amazing that he still does this. If your puppy is being crate trained take him out to potty, of he doesn't potty bring him inside, and then take him in about 15 minutes. Don't let him play outside if he is supposed to be going potty. It is alot to take in, but your puppy will get it. You can also put a few newspaper leading to the door. This gives the puppy a path, and teaches them to go towards the door when it has to potty. And then, if he does have an accident, at least it is on the papers. Good Luck!!!
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posted July 03, 2004 11:56 AM      Profile for CallmeLance         
I'm really new to all this training and stuff, but did I read that correctly? When your dog needs to use the restroom, it rings the bell? That's great.
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posted July 08, 2004 11:49 AM      Profile for foxypaws         
I potty trained my puppy by making sure I took her out every couple of hours for the first few weeks. It was a pain but within a month she realized that outside was the place to go to the bathroom. I haven't had any problems since she was 3 months old. Now she's 2 1/2.


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