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Author Topic: Please help me...
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posted July 16, 2004 08:26 AM      Profile for canine_tys90   Author's Homepage         
My dog just won't listen to me...When I teach her a trick, it took me almost half a year but she won't respond to me without a treat.
She can't even understand a word I say... [Frown]
I taught her how to sit, she won't listen to my command unless she is given a treat. I want to teach her more tricks such as roll over or something else but I failed...
I am so angry about my dog [Flaming Mad] !!!
Could anybody help me out?
Please teach me how to make my dog obedient, she is 5 years old. My aunt's friend gave her to me when she was 3 years old.
Please help me..... [Frown]
A million thanks for those who reply me:)

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posted July 16, 2004 09:40 AM      Profile for GretaJack         
Put a leash on her. Give a command and make her obey. If you tell her to sit and she doesn't put her rear end down, push it down. One command. That is it. One command, if she doesn't listen, make her do it. Leave the leash on her at times so that you have a way of controlling her. Let the leash drag around if she is in the house. Do not give her a command if you can not enforce it. She is not respecting you so you must make her realize that she is not the boss. You must be consistant with your training, don't just do it some of the time. Never issue a command you are not going to be able to make her obey. It will be difficult since your dog is 5 years old and she has gotten her own way for such a long time. But you can teach an old dog new tricks. Also, get her enrolled in obedience class. It will help you and her alot.
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posted July 16, 2004 10:42 AM      Profile for DaxAriel's toy         
Your dog needs to identify you as her alpha. Right now she thinks she the boss. “It’s not the issue isn’t the war”

Here’s a couple of things to establish to her that YOU’RE THE BOSS.

1) Don’t put her food on the ground to eat. At least one meal a day – feed it by hand. Even if you do it once or twice a week should be plenty. Make her sit, lay down, etc. and then tell her good girl & reward. Say the command only once. Dogs like kids learn that we might give them three four etc chances. Use a voice & hand signals to indicate the command. For example: SIT and POINT YOUR INDEX FINGER UP. Once she starts recognize the hand signal means the same as the verbal command – you can keep your hand signal in place without repeating command. Sneaky right!! Also if she has any hearing problems the hand signal will be good.
2) SIT command is a good one as your WAR of wills because it’s easy to reinforce. Use GretaJack suggestion on how to accomplish – accept nothing less than perfection.
3) Don’t beg. Alphas expect total obedience from their pack. Your tone of voice shouldn’t be playful but commanding.
4) Be consistent – Sit means sit, down means lay down off means off the furniture, etc.
5) There are lots of basic classes held by shelters – check them out & sign up.

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posted July 16, 2004 12:50 PM      Profile for sheltielover         
I recommend that you read the book "The Dog Listener". It is another alternative for teaching who is the boss. Many probably find its ways very untraditional, but I think that it is worth a try in your case.
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posted July 16, 2004 11:32 PM      Profile for HeartSong         
Schedule training time. Make this consistant, taking place at the same time each day you do it. Dogs can't tell time exactly, but they can get a feel for timing of events that happen regularly. It doesn't have to be everyday, but at least once a week and at a time that you know you can always dedicate without something coming up to disrupt the schedule. This time should be 5-15 minutes, some dogs can go longer but many will get frustrated and you will risk losing their attention and control of the situation. Make sure that it is always YOU who decides when the time is over. (This goes along with the other great advice given amount making sure she knows that you are in charge.) You can have a few sessions a day if you have the time, just spread them out a bit.

Use this time to teach a new trick (teach one until they get it down good before moving to a new one). Teach the new trick only during the set training times, once she knows it, then you can ask it at anytime. She will soon come to see that there are specific blocks of time set apart by to in which she is to learn tricks. She will be more likely to try to learn when there are times set apart especially for that purpose. But then AFTER it is learned, it can be expected at anytime.

As for only being responsive to food, have treats there to give occasionally, but not every time she does a trick. At first give treats (along with huge amounts of praise) more often than just praise since that seems to be more motivating in your case. Then once in awhile, only give lavish amounts of praise. Gradually change the ratio so that you praise more often that you treat. Gradually your dog will realize that sometimes a treat will follow a trick, but not always, and it is impossible to know for sure if a treat is coming or not. She might even come to realize that masive amounts of praise is just as good as a crumb of food.

When you are praising, don't worry about what you look like, get silly and excited, rub all over your dog and say stuff like "your so wonderful, what a great job, good girl, I'm so proud of you" . . . just think that she won first place in a new olympic sport for dogs.

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