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Author Topic: 5 Month old Wheaten Terrier
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posted July 17, 2004 06:19 PM      Profile for colin         
I have a 5 month old wheaten terrier who likes to do things we tell him not to. He goes on the couch, we clap say HEY and take him off. But 30 seconds later he's back on it. Everywhere we tell him not to go, he goes. And the dog beds and towels around the house for him stay empty. Any suggestions? I even tried one night to sleep with a dog bed to try to get it to smell like me so he would sleep in it. (fyi: very uncomfotable). We don't know what to do to keep him out/off of where we don't want him.
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posted July 17, 2004 06:50 PM      Profile for sambucca/whiskey         
have you been to any classes?
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posted July 17, 2004 06:55 PM      Profile for DaxAriel's toy         
There two ways.
1) correct when ever he tries to get on furniture and crate when not supervised.
2) make the couch or bed unfortable. Tin foil, mouse traps under newspapers, etc.

or combination of both.

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posted July 17, 2004 07:07 PM      Profile for BreeZy/sheltiepups   Author's Homepage         
My friends have a wheaten; when they dont want him to go on something they take a soda can and fill it with pennies; they shack it if hes on something hes not suppose to be on and say no. If hes not allowed in a room they then set cans around the doorway so he gets scared. Good Luck and post pictures if you can!

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