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posted July 17, 2004 11:57 PM      Profile for Elite         
Now I'm getting worried. I was at this website where they tell evryone who asks to put their dogs to sleep, and then get mad at everyone who did put their dog to sleep for having done that without having done research. The site makes me really scared, though, because my puppy, Molly, basically appears to be a fear biter (which the person kept saying was an unfixable problem and the dog has to be put to sleep). They say that it happens through the breeding. They say that owners should see it coming, if they adopt a timid puppy. I had no idea. She always shied away from strangers for a few seconds before approaching them, but I didn't think I had anything to worry about. I'm just really worried that the specialist we're planning on hiring will tell us we ahve to put our pup down.

I really want to help my pup through any fear she might have. They said on the sight to try having small children feed her through her crate door, and I thought that sounded like an idea I'd be willing to try (although the kids in the neighboorhood prolly wouldn't). I need other little tips like this. I'm planning on spending a lot of the next week teaching her "come" and "down-stay" while outside. I'm goign to cook up some special treats that she might actually go for, and having her on her long lead, so if she doesn't listen I can pull her to me when I say "come". That is really the command we need to work on the most.

Any little tips to make her more comfortable with children and other people would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to have to put my puppy down!

BTW, the website address is

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