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Author Topic: What resources are best..I need your opinion
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posted July 16, 2004 12:47 PM      Profile for dog4life         

I am the proud parent of 2 small chihuahuas that were recued from the pound and a rescue group. As a lifelong dog lover I was destroyed by the loss last Mother's day of my 8 yr old chi-pom mix to an unidentifiable disorder that 2 vet hospitals could not diagnose after several weeks and $4,000. in bills. had not lost a dog to illness and never so dramatically as this painful experience.

I am planning and designing a resource site dedicated to:

1) Dog Longevity- focused on nutrition and preventative healthcare

2) Information on how to pick the perfect dog for any family...encouraging saving pets/dogs from shelter, rescue groups etc.

3) Educational material on planing for every stage of a dog's life from 1st day to senior living and how to deal with loss of a loved one

Anyway, these are my areas of interest and where I have some knowledge ....I would appreciate any input as to topics or information that anyone feels would be helpful to families and individuals as they plan for a new family member and proceed to a life of love and companionship

thank you for taking time to read and perhaps give your thoughts


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posted July 16, 2004 03:09 PM      Profile for lou3         
Recommendations to what to look for on an ingrediants list in a pet food (low amount of fillers, low artificial preservatives etc) and what type of pet food to feed for each lifestage, activity level and to an extent individual breed would be good. By preventative measures i am assuming you mean shots, exercise, correct feeding, worming schedules etc anything more complicated would be best left to links to appropriate veterinarian authored sites/book recommendations.
It would be really good to have a site that is brutally honest about every breed of dog and points out their bad points as well as good points. Far too many resources focus only on the nice aspects of dogs and forget about the bits that arent so nice. for example people need to be dispelled of the myths that border collies make good family pets and that poodles are low-maintenance as far as exercise and training goes.
A good reference as to the behavioral and developmental stages of puppyhood would be a very good idea. Also the signs to watch out for in an aging dog (incontinence etc) and how to deal with age related problems would be an excellent idea. Bereavement guidance is a very difficult subject, if you feel capable of dealing with it in a sympathetic manner then i say go for it, but remember as an on-looker it is your job to be detached and uninvolved in a persons grief. If the advice is given in too emotional a manner it wont be any use, it needs to be tactful but also factual, informative - a sort of "what happens next" rather than "poor you isnt it sad" sort of thing.

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